Select Model Width Rise Sweep Drop Reach Weight Info
Ahearne Map 570mm 25mm 41mm n/a n/a ? View
Ahearne Map 610mm 25mm 41mm n/a n/a ? View
Answer Enduro Carbon 720mm 20mm 20° n/a n/a 220g View
Bombtrack Beyond 625mm n/a 30° 115mm 85mm 330g View
Bombtrack CX10 440mm n/a 10° 116mm 75mm 350g View
Bombtrack Ergo Drop 400mm n/a n/a 118mm 70mm 260g View
Bontrager Crivitz 690mm 0mm 25° n/a n/a 270g View
Carver MyTi 710mm 0mm 29° n/a n/a 260g View
Crust Jungle Runner 810mm 0mm 40° n/a n/a ? View
Crust MUSA Jungle Runner 700mm 0mm 40° n/a n/a ? View
Crust Towel Rack 675mm n/a 15° 115mm ? ? View
Dajia Far Bar 480mm n/a 21° 110mm 76mm 292g View
Dajia Trekking 570mm 0mm ? ? ? 479g View
Fairdale Archer V2 650mm 50mm 45° n/a n/a ? View
Fairdale Archver V3 700mm 50mm 25° n/a n/a ? View
Fairweather Bullmoose Bar 710mm 40mm 15° n/a n/a 867g View
Funn G-Wide 480mm n/a 130mm 110mm 333g View
FSA Metropolis 620mm 32mm 47° n/a n/a 300g View
Genetic Digest 480mm n/a 21° 110mm 76mm 275g View
Jones Bend (Alu) 710mm 13mm 45° n/a n/a 355g View
Jones Cut (Alu) 710mm 13mm 45° n/a n/a 470g View
Jones Loop (Alu) 660mm 13mm 45° n/a n/a 500g View
Jones Loop (Alu) 710mm 13mm 45° n/a n/a 525g View
Jones Loop Carbon 710mm 13mm 45° n/a n/a 275g View
Kalloy Tourist 600mm 0mm ? n/a n/a ? View
Nitto All-Rounder 485mm 65mm 70° n/a n/a 350g View
Nitto B814 660mm 0mm 43° n/a n/a ? View
Nitto Dove 515mm 50mm ? n/a n/a 388g View
Nitto Jitensha 580mm 0mm ? n/a 25mm ? View
Nitto Nordeast 525mm 15mm 20° n/a n/a 382g View
Nitto Moustache 515mm 50mm ? n/a n/a 907g View
Nitto 0° Straight Bar 500mm 0mm n/a n/a 210g View
Nitto 5° Straight Bar 520mm 0mm n/a n/a 225g View
Nitto 15° Straight Bar 580mm 0mm 15° n/a n/a 255g View
On-One Fleegle Pro 660mm 0mm 15° n/a n/a 241g View
On-One Mary 645mm 38mm 21° n/a n/a 306g View
On-One Midge 554mm n/a n/a 112mm ? 299g View
On-One OG 685mm 38mm 25° n/a n/a 315g View
Ritchey Carbon Bullmoose 740mm 0mm n/a n/a 280g View
Ritchey Ergomax 420mm 10mm 12° 128mm 73mm ? View
Ritchey Evomax 420mm 0mm 12° 120mm 73mm 292g View
Ritchey Venturemax 420mm 0mm 24° 102mm 76mm ? View
Rivendell Albastache 555mm 25mm ? n/a n/a ? View
Rivendell Albatross 550mm 50mm 74° n/a n/a 459g View
Rivendell Billie 580mm 35mm 70° n/a n/a ? View
Rivendell Bosco 580mm 100mm 78° n/a n/a ? View
Rivendell Bullmoose 670mm 79mm 30° n/a 150mm 867g View
Rivendell Choco 535mm 14mm 80° n/a n/a 340g View
Rivendell Noodle 440mm n/a n/a 140mm 95mm 335g View
Salsa Bend 2 23° 710mm ? 23° n/a n/a 309g View
Salsa Cowbell 44cm 440mm n/a 12° 115mm 65mm 314g View
Salsa Cowchipper 46cm 460mm n/a 24° 116mm 68mm 322g View
Salsa Woodchipper 46 460mm n/a 25° 114mm 56mm 332g View
Sim Works Getaround 700mm 10mm 20° n/a n/a 470g View
Sim Works Little Nick 700mm 0mm 15° n/a n/a 507g View
Soma Clarence 31.8 670mm 37mm 34° n/a n/a 381g View
Soma Condorina 580mm 0mm 15° n/a n/a 431g View
Soma Gator 655mm n/a 20° 160mm 65mm 422 View
Soma Junebug 560mm n/a ? 112mm 65mm 300g View
Soma Lauterwasser 480mm n/a n/a 90mm n/a ? View
Soma Odin 31.8 715mm 0mm 15° n/a n/a 370g View
Soma Osprey 31.8 710mm 12mm 40° n/a n/a 400g View
Soma Oxford 540mm 52mm ? n/a n/a 408g View
Soma Portola 560mm n/a n/a 112mm 65mm ? View
Soma Sparrow 495 495mm 50mm ? n/a n/a 245g View
Soma Sparrow 520 520mm 50mm ? n/a n/a 245g View
Stooge Moto Bar 800mm 38mm 17° n/a n/a ? View
Surly Moloko 735mm 0mm 34° n/a n/a 709g View
Surly Open 666mm 0mm 53° n/a n/a 475g View
Thompson Alloy Off-Road 440mm n/a 25° 130mm 105mm ? View
Ti Cycles Double S Bend 15 675mm 0mm 15° n/a n/a 174 View
Ti Cycles Double S Bend 30 680mm 0mm 30° n/a n/a 340g View
Velo Orange Belleville 430mm 0mm ? n/a n/a 272g View
Velo Orange Crazy Bar 666mm 0mm 45° n/a n/a 450g View
Velo Orange Curvy One 650mm 30mm 60° n/a n/a 294g View
Velo Orange Curvy Too 680mm 0mm 30° n/a n/a 273g View
Velo Orange Klunker 680mm 76mm 45° n/a n/a ? View
Velo Orange Milan 570mm 25mm 35° n/a n/a 346g View
Velo Orange Nouveau Randonneur 440mm n/a 12° 130mm 85mm 301g View
Velo Orange Porteur 480mm 15mm ? n/a n/a 907g View
Velo Orange Postino 570mm 0mm 45° n/a n/a 286g View
Watson Cycles Parkarino 720mm 0mm 31° n/a n/a 339g View
Zipp Service Course 70 Ergo 420mm n/a 128mm 70mm 260g View
Zipp Service Course SL-70 410mm n/a 128mm 70mm 250g View
Zipp Service Course SL-80 444mm n/a 125mm 80mm 250g View
Zipp Service Course SL-80 Ergo 455mm n/a 125mm 80mm 275g View
Zipp SL-70 Ergo Carbon 440mm n/a 128mm 70mm 208g View

Inspired by this photo from Olivier Ch├ętelat.

Please note: This started out as an experimental tool meant to compare and contrast alternate flat-handlebar styles. I'm currently in the process of talking to manufacturers to provide more accurate images, but note that images may not be 100% accurate at this time.

If you have comments, suggestions or if you have more accurate photos/detail you would like to provide, you can email me here.